Friday, December 28, 2007

Fraud and scams.

I saw an ad for infinity
razor (never gets dull).
So I looked it up,Here's
what I found.
Late night get rich with no money down real estate,
Phone calls offering Guaranteed prizes worth more
than the product they want you to buy and those
signs on the side of the road telling you, you
can make $5000 a week part-time from home,are all
None of them have made money on their products,
they make money selling you the phony Info on
how to do it yourself.
If someone tries to sell you stuff like
GENESIS MEDIA LABS 2500 WATT HOME theater system
(mostly electronics) at a gas station or home
depot Its a scam. The product they try to sell for
$400-$500 is worth $50.
A guy tried it with me at a gas station but I
Knew about it from someone at Home Depot trying
It on me..I had no money and of course the deal
sounded great they had magazines,receipts(phony)
etc. So I looked it up at home to see what I
missed out on and found ThisThis is an International scam.
Needless to say I told the guy he was breaking
the law and I started writing down his license
number.He said scamming stupid people isn't
Illegal. I told him Fraud is It's stealing and
lets call the cops and see what they say,He
started to leave and I got in his face and
told him if he wanted to steal from me id kick
his ass. I said you think its funny or Im stupid,
you wanna steal from me ? Go ahead take a swing,
Ill knock you on your ass!, get a job like a real
man you effing thief! He jumped in his car and
took off, not so funny now.I never reported it
because lets face it, the cops won't do crap. If
they scammed Donald Trump or Paris Hilton or stole
$400 dollars from them, then all over the news,
outrage, Government needs to do something, guys
should go jail (probably would) but not for you
and me..:(

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