Sunday, December 23, 2007

How Republicans cheat and steal elections through fraud,etc.

1.Illegal phone jamming, Calls or Push Polls.
2. Through election Tampering
3. Registration Fraud and Here and
4. Denying minorities
the right to vote with
Phony national I.D. Programs to make minorities less likley to vote and voter suppression. Intimidation and Here and Here. Purging False Felons from voting.
5.Electronic Voting. Here and Here and Here and Here.
6.Abusing the state ballot system.In California
right now the Republicans with Rudy Guiliani's
help are trying to steal the Election by
dividing California's electoral votes.Why aren't
they doing this in Texas if its as good for
Democracy as they say ? I personnally think its
good but only if all 50 states do it at the
same time.(If so Al Gore would have won in 2000).
The company being used by the Republicans has
been caught Bribing The Homeless and of
committing Fraud in other states. More.
7.Intimidation of election Officials paid for by Bush. Here's who the Protesters really were.
8.Outright Lies, more.
10.Illegal campaign contributions.
11.Destroying democrats registration forms.
12.Outright stealing the election.
2000 Gore Won
and Here and Here.
Ohio 2004. Impossible Irregularities and Here. Using False Terrorist
Threats to keep Media from watching the vote count.
Long lines in Democratic areas due to lack of machines vs. Republican areas.
Republicans Convicted for Cheating on the Recount to make sure there was never a full recount of all the ballots.

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Nitpicker said...

It is a great irony that the only Ohio convictions were of Democrats. One might see that as a confirmation of the pervasiveness of Republican fraud and control in Ohio, but while they may have been caught cheating outrageously, they have not been convicted and jailed. Yet.