Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OMG!Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant ! America is falling apart ! lol. Congratulations to you Jamie Lynn Spears !

Oh my....Where to start ?
How's that ? Did You
know the average
American girl in the
1800's had children at
15 ? Surprise America survived.Do you know
why a 13 yrs old can
physically have children ? Because by God, Gods
or Evolution we were designed to have children at
12-13.Yes we no longer need to have children at
13 or even 20, but what makes it wrong ?

Many say children are too immature to have a baby
at 16.In America I agree thats true in general but
thats America.Children in many other countries are
much more mature than Americans.
Another argument is that they can't afford (support)
a child.Jamie Lynn Spears has a career and makes
more than 99% percent of Americans twice or 3x her
So she is mature (has a career an American standard
of maturity), has the money, so whats the problem ?
Its a happy occasion we should congratulate her.
Would 2 years really make a difference in her
situation ? How much more mature would she be ?
How much more money would she have ?
I think the hysteria is more about keeping America
a Theocracy.Christians continue to want to control
every aspect of our sex lives and family planning.
thats what this is all about,she didn't have her
family the Christian way...Am I wrong ?
Would they rather she hid the pregnancy and had an
abortion ? I think not.
So once again, Congratulations Jamie Lynn, best of luck.

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Anonymous said...

i think yer it is a gd thing that she is pregnant she has a job and the money, so what the heck y not!