Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are the Clintons racist ?

Of course not.This
once again is the
right wing media
lying.I can make
anyone sound racist
by quoting them out
of context.President
Bill Clinton clearly said Obama's statements
about Hillary were a fairy tale, not that
Obama's candidacy is a fairy tale.Hillary
said President Johnson had something to do
with passing civil rights laws...he did! How
is that racist ? Its not but the press spins it
like this,they say she claims President Johnson
did more than M.L.K. to get civil rights for
African Americans.See the lie,see how they spin
it to try to make thwe Clintons seem racist.Its
also to start a fight between the two candidates
and its worked somewhat.The comment about Obama's
drug use,wich he admitted, by a friend of the
Clintons ,who is black,now thats a racist remark.

First, are all drug users black ? No. So calling
someone a drug user can't be racist.
Second, Republicans are playing it up against the
Clintons saying his drug use doesn't matter it was
in the past.Remember the fit they threw about Bill
Clinton using marijuana? (hypocrites) But Bushes
cocaine use was ok, and Obama's use is (unless he
wins the nomination then they will use it against
Third, Clintons are portrayed as saying negative
things about Obama. Where I haven't seen one.It's
more Republican lies to hurt the Clintons.But did
you see Obama and Edwards attack Hillary at the
debates? none of the republican controlled media
called that negative or bad or wrong.Negative
campaigning being considered bad by Republicans
is a laugh,remember the Willie Horton ads against
Dukakis ?That was negative. They basically called
Dukakis a murderer,yet when we find out that
Huckabee released a rapist just because he hates
the Clintons (he raped Bill Clintons cousin),who
then went on to rape and murder another woman,the
media barely talked about it. They tried to
downplay it.
Fourth, this is an organized campaign in the media
against the Clintons.I've shown proof in other
posts but heres more proof,A woman feints at a
speech Bill Clinton gives and one at an Obama
speech.They show both but point out how nice
Obama is for giving his feinter his water bottle
and mention Bill didn't help his feinter.As you
can see in the video at the Obama rally she
feinted in front of him,at Clintons she was
behind him and by time he knew about it Chelsea
Clinton had already helped her.But the message
they tried to send was clear,Obama is great and
Clinton heartless.

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