Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More proof Electronic voting is a scam to steal elections.

Funny how Republicans push so hard for voter I.D.
cards to stop "election Fraud" that they've never
proven yet they generously overlook these machines
that have been proven to get the vote count right
time after time.I guess they think its OK because
it always seems to favor them.All the top
management/owners of these companies are
Another thing, all these challenges (against
only Democrats) that the "we want fair elections"
Republicans are doing and calling for I.D. cards
at the ballot box, because it stops some
Democrats from voting, can all be bypassed by
people who vote by Absentee ballot.
So whats the point ? why only harrass the people
who vote in person ? More Democrats vote in
person and more Republicans use the Absentee
ballot system.....They wouldn't want to
inconvenience there own voters now.

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