Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain says Obama dishonest?

McCain say Obama dishonest because he's a
Chicago Politician.

Ted Stevens Republican senator from Alaska-indicted
Bruce Weyhrauch Alaska state Republican Representative
indicted Bribery/fraud.
Pete Kott Alaska state Republican Representative
Indicted Bribery/fraud.
Former Senate President Ben Stevens, the son of Alaska
Senator Ted Stevens, is expected to be indicted shortly.
Congressman Don Young, R-Alaska, is under investigation
for earmarking millions in funds.
Jim Clark, former chief of staff for former Alaska
Governor Frank Murkowski, pleaded guilty to a
single count of conspiracy to commit fraud.
Rep. Tom Anderson is indicted on charges of money
laundering, extortion and bribery.
Rep. Vic Kohring ...bribery.
And of course Governor Sarah "the lipstick pitbull"
Palin under investigation for Troopergate and
tax evasion.
McCain...such a good judge of honesty and character.

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