Monday, August 13, 2007


One way to fight fascicons is to open new fronts in the war and force them
on the defence.This way they are spending time and resources attacking the
new change and/or information that is exposing Americans to the truth (healthcare,medical marijuana,global warming) what they like to do is take
little bites out of something they want changed,abortion,soc.sec.,healthcare,etc.
This allows them to slowly erode our rights and system without really noticing or feeling a big slowly boiling a frog in water.they also like to put us
on defense by opening war fronts on things they want to destroy or change that weren't an issue before,soc.sec.,immigration,etc. forcing us to take time defending the programs just to keep the status quo (and sometimes they even get us to give
in a little just to get them off the attack) When we are spending time and money just to defend the status quo we can't focus on changing things like healthcare,election fairness,etc.But when we open new fronts that they are content to leave alone like healthcare,pollution laws (they pushed a little to change it but weren't to upset with our current status.All socialism must eventually go in their eye's but these weren't priorities like abortion, judges,immigration (which was purely an election wedge issue that backfired,split their party-half of them love illegals, they lost the election,but now must still talk about it since they pushed it so hard as an imminent threat issue)

So here comes Al Gore with "An inconvenient truth" spreading the truth about G W,then Michael Moore with "Sicko" exposing the truth about our healthcare. Most people believe these films from experience but weren't talking about them because
of the propaganda lies telling them they were wrong ,our system is the best ,so don't complain.Now instead of rush and hannity billo,etc.talking only about things that push their agenda they are forced to spend time attacking these truth's and trying to "re-educate us through lies and propaganda to believe their original myth that our system is the best and anything wrong with it can be cured through privatization or that global warming doesn't exist and the strange weather is normal or just our imaginations.It is always harder to get people to believe a lie than a self evident truth.So it takes them much more time,money and energy to try and defend their lies than it takes us to expose the truth.This also gives them less time to attack democrats or immigrants or soc.sec.or our rights.I would like to
open even more fronts lets push to get one city to go to a french style single payer health plan.Lets tell Americans how Europeans truly live, $11 an hour at mcdonalds minimum wage(enough for a couple to buy land and build their own own house after 3-4 yrs. of saving) 5 weeks payed vacation by law, most get 6-9 weeks.very few people work weekends,most store's etc. are shut down for the weekend.If you volunteer
to work weekends at a factory you can work to 12 hr shifts and get payed for the whole week,working just 2 days...nice :)How about pushing a law in one state(ballot initiative) giving 5 weeks vacation to all employee's ? Who would vote against it ? and if it passes and works in one state it will spread,like medical marijuana.
Imagine all the time and energy it will take away from the fascicons and big business trying just to defend the status quo against this change.there are many others ways to tie up the fascicons and put them solely on the defensive.This is how we will win, not by defending against their attacks but by attacking them in areas they feel safe and aren't defending.

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