Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is this the transfer of wealth the fascicons have always wished for ?

Vanity Fair," the government pays contractors as much as
the combined taxes paid by everyone in the United States
with incomes under $100,000, meaning “more than 90 percent
of all taxpayers might as well remit everything they owe
directly to [contractors] rather than to the [government].”

Ive always said a major part of Iraq was always a transfer
of wealth from the majority of Americans to the super rich.
Its like Banks.The government loans them your tax dollars
at a low rate they then loan it back to you, say for a
mortgage, at higher rate.They make money from you loaning
you your own money!!! Why not just make a law saying we
have to pay our taxes directly to the rich ? Cut out the
middle man, believe me they would if they could,but this
has the same basic effect.Why not have the government loan
us money for our hows at the low rate they give banks ?
See by guaranteeing the banks our tax money the banks don't
have to compete for our savings money in order to make loans
so they don't have to pay us a decent interest rate on our
savings, the government guarantees them our money no matter what.

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