Monday, October 22, 2007

Bush's legacy

This president will go
down in history as the
worst and dumbest
president in our history.
He also fantasizes about
being a dictator and has enacted many
laws or just ignored made up and broke
other laws giving him dictatorial powers.
In these respects he has a lot in common
with Hitler, thankfully he DOESN'T hate
Jewish people or we could really be having
some scary deja vu in our country.

You sure can tell Bush and the Fascicons
hate the Liberals/Democrats by all the
Liberals/Democrats that the Republicans and
Bush have had arrested, put on no fly/terrorist
watch lists,harassed by the FBI and IRS and
spied upon for not agreeing with the Republican
agenda and having the audacity to exercise free
supposedly) speech.With groups whose goal for
peace is usually stated in their name but are
labeled physical dangers to our country and Infiltrated ?

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