Friday, November 30, 2007


Rudy Giuliani keeps asking people to
forgive him for his "mistakes". Are
these the same mistakes that the right
wing nuts refuse to forgive President
Bill Clinton for?
Yes.Cheating on your wife, but Bill
stayed with his wife at least and asked
for forgiveness witch if your a true Christian the
bible says you must give. But alas these right wing
"chino's" (Christian in name only)will once again
follow Hannity's hypocrisy and phony morals and
forgive and forget about Rudy's affairs and claim
they are off limits to criticize or talk about during
the campaign all the while they will constantly talk
about,remind us and criticize Bill and Hillary over
his affair.They are truly, pathetic.

P.S. rudy when you call your affair with the
woman you ended up marrying a "mistake",
your kinda calling her a "mistake".

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