Sunday, December 16, 2007

bush say's its ok to kidnap Americans !

Well he said it in a round
about way.According to the
bush administration It is
ok for the U.S. to kidnap people
in other countries that are
wanted or suspected in crimes committed in or against the U.S.
OK, now before any of you right wing fascicons
start foaming at the mouth or having a wet
dream about doing this....THINK ABOUT IT!
If we do it that automatically gives other
countries the right to do it to us! You have
to look at the consequences something you
fascicons never do.....Iraq = cakewalk/flowers
Wrong! Bombing consequences..Wrong!
They bomb us back! So how would You like to
say something stupid, oh like "we should
assasinate Hugo Chavez". You've now broken
their law.They now have the right not to try
to extradite you, they just come and take you!
Not that I'd be to sad to see pat robertson
be taken away to a Venezuelan jail.
P.S. We've already done it, and this is why its wrong

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1 comment:

Tortuca said...

This is the same thing as torture. Allowing our government to kidnap people in other countries gives cover for other countries doing it in our country.