Monday, December 17, 2007

Do Iowa and New Hampshire matter anymore?

The right wing pundits
keep harping on how

Hillary is behind in the
Iowa polls.Who cares?
The whole system has changed
Hillary has $50 million in
the bank,do they really think
she'll drop out after losing Iowa,
N.H. and South Carolina? I think
their total population adds up to
less than the population of say Sacramento,which
Californian's would consider a small town.The little
states no longer decide who will get to run for
Its the big states now.
Who will drop out after losing the first 3 states,
when the big states vote a month later? Way too
soon for campaign contributions to dry up as they did before.

So why do they keep trying to focus us on Hillary
losing Iowa? As if it matters? Because she will beat
rudy. She's beaten him once before and she scares
them more than Barrack (they can play the racism
card against him).In their twisted minds they think
If they never talk about her leading in national
polls, and beating all republicans in those polls,
then somehow they can change the election. So
they'll keep focusing on her losing Iowa when a
guest mentions the national polls they'll admonish
them and quickly refer to Iowa (brainwashing 101).

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