Friday, December 28, 2007

Giuliani, Reagan and Iran hostages.

Is this guy just the
biggest joke or what ?
his ad claims that the
Iranians released the
hostages in 1980
because they were
afraid of the governor
of California ?
Why would they be afraid of someone with no
International track record ? Would we be afraid
of an Iranian governor threatening us ? No.
The more likely scenario with some evidence
is he made a deal with them to hold the hostages
until the elections were over.
Why ? To win,President Jimmy Carter was ahead
in the polls just months before the election
and If the ongoing negotiations were successful
he might have won.
Why would Iran do it?
They had American made weapons and needed parts
Jimmy Carter refused to give them the parts.We
now know that Ronald Reagan did sell give and sell them weapons
years later but how do we know he didn't do it
earlier too ? He obviously was willing to break
the law along with Oliver North and commit what
some might call treason ( If a muslim soldier in
the U.S. marines Illegally sold weapons to Iraq
or Iran today do you have any doubt they would be
in Guantanamo ? ). so this is very possible and
makes more sense than they released them because
he was a mean, scary governor.I don't recall him
ever threatening them during the campaign.

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