Friday, December 21, 2007

Hannity and limbaugh call Bush a Communist !

Bush resorts to communism.
This is price controls
no matter how you spin it.
Imagine what the fascicons
would say of Hillary proposed
this ? Good or bad this
is what a good red blooded
fascicon republican would
call communism. Come on Bushy baby let the great,
so called "Free Market", do its thing (wipe out
our economy).
You fascicons say free market is best and always
works, so let it work....lets enjoy the fruits
of your Idiocy. :)

P.S. See how quickly they run to Gov. controls or
bailouts when their "free market" doesn't work ?
Then they have the balls to tell us look at the
economy, it works best when Gov. leaves it alone
...except when they rip us off (enron, savings
and loan, mortgage crisis) or the "free market"
fails.Then we have to bail them out to prove that
the economy works best when the Gov. doesn't bail
them out...Is it just me or are you also amazed at
how the fascicons can't see thier own stupidity ?

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