Friday, December 14, 2007

If Iran Isn't developing nuclear weapons then why is Iran enriching uranium ?

bush and the fascicon
brigade are desperately
trying to deny, destroy
or brainwash us into
thinking the NIE report
is false and they even want a new false
report done by Congress to claim Iran
will nuke us tomorrow.

Their biggest defense now is to say Its
a left wing plot by a "Liberal" CIA.lmao.
The same "Liberal" CIA that gave them the
false Intelligence to Illegally Invade
Iraq ?
I also hear them asking "If they stopped
their 'nucular' program then why are they
still enriching Uranium?" " Ha ,so there I
got you! na,na,na,na,nah"

OMG! and no one has answered these idiots!
Its so simple. E-N-E-R-G-Y. Yep,thats the
simple answer.
Iran is a growing economy and their population
is growing that = more energy use.They rely on
selling their oil for Income.(Even a right
wingnut Idiot like rush limbo would have to
admit that)So the more they use at home the less
they have to sell.Seems like basic math to me...
1+1= no more oil to sell=economic collapse!

So they still want us to believe it for nuclear
weapons even though our Intelligence guys and
the AEIE (nuclear) Inspectors who've been to
Iran recently all say Iran has no nuclear program.
The enriched Uranium can only be used for power
plants because its too low grade.Iran has 3,000
centrifuges it takes 30,000 to even start a
nuclear enrichment program plus much more know
how then they have.If the fascicons are right
and they've been working on a nuclear program
for 20 yrs.and 3,000 centrifuges is all they
have, then won't it take them 50 yrs. to build
30,000 ? This video explains why they
aren't capable of a viable nuclear program.

If you don't know by now Iran's nuclear program is
100% legal by International law. As for Iran's
missile program.....well almost all of the biggest
countries have them...why can't Iran?
As far as Iran being a threat,the last time Iran
Invaded another country was the Mughal empire in 1738.
Count it, thats 270 yrs ago!
What might happen if we bomb them? Read this.
As for the their desire not to rely on other
countries for energy,uranium enrichment or
military weapons, they learned after the 1979
Revolution, when all the American made planes
they had were now worthless without spare parts,
that they needed to build their own stuff.We don't
rely on other countries for our military supplies.
Remember Iran was forced to buy spare parts
Illegally from ronald reagan and oliver north ?
In return the held on to the hostages just long
enough for reagan to win the white house.Did they
know oliver north was using that money to fund
terrorists in Nicaragua ? We don't know.

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