Monday, December 17, 2007

Thank you hugo Chavez.

Once again Hugo Chavez
is doing what the bush
administration wont,Help
the poor with cheap
heating oil.bush actually
cut heating oil subsidies
to the poor by hundreds of
millions of dollars.Chavez has also offered
free eye surgery to Americans.The fascicons
keep saying how evil Hugo Chavez is but not
one has ever been able to name someone he's
killed or any elections he stole (unlike bush)
or anything "evil" he's done.They do try to
mention election fraud or taking away free speech.
I just quickly mention the hundreds
of instances where the bush republicans have
done worse here, so that would make bush even
worse than Chavez who they claim to be the devil.

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ThatGayConservative said...

First of all, I'll take phone jamming over paying voter registrars in crack cocaine, slashing tires of vehicles rented to take voters to the polls, push to toss military votes, registering thousands of dead people and fictional characters, bussing people in to vote in other states, voting here in Florida and absentee back home etc.etc.etc. any day.

Secondly, Chavez has effectively closed the country's most popular TV station for not towing the line, his Chavistas & police have shot protesters including a 61 y/o woman,
his trade rules prevent a lot of food from making it to grocery store shelves, he's taken land from owners and given it to squatters forming "cooperatives" but pretty much all of them have failed to make anything of the land. And of course there's still double digit inflation (still in the 20s I think) and double digit unemployment.

Venezuelans are also angry with him for throwing money around to other countries instead of at home. Not to mention that apparently he's been financially influencing South American elections, most notably in Argentina. His support in Bolivia is eroding, Colombia opposes him, Brazil is urging him to loosen up.

I could go on, but you get the point.

And yes, we do fund home heating programs. However, we shouldn't fund redundant programs.