Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The biggest scam in America, Fed cuts interest rate.

Now its is good news interest rates are
lower but heres the scam.
1.The Government takes your money in taxes.
2.The Government loans your money to the
Banks (The rich class) at low interest rates.
3.The Banks (owned by the rich)then loan your
tax money back to you at a higher interest
rate! Isn't this like paying taxes directly to
the rich ? maybe we should cut out the middle
man and pay taxes directly to Citibank,BofA,
Now before Government started doing this and
guaranteeing loans Banks had to operate in what
Conservatives like to call the "Free Market".
This means the money they loaned to you came
from people like you who deposited money in
that Bank and got interest off it.You don't get
much interest off your accounts now because
Banks don't have to compete for your money as
much.They can get money to loan out from the
Government.This guarantees them access to your
money whether you like it or not.Another part of
the "Free Market" that Republicans do like and
perpetuate is deregulation and loan guarantees
This allows Banks,Enron, take huge risks
(Savings and Loan crisis, Mortgage crisis) and
steal from you (Enron) with impunity.
Whats that old saying ?....Only in America!
(with Republicans in charge!)

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