Friday, January 11, 2008

Do the Republican really love Obama ?

Oh they're all
over him now,hugs
and kisses, but
what happens if
he becomes the
nominee? Oh, snap!
The gloves will
come off! All the nice things they say about him
now will be turned around.
"He stands for change" becomes "We don't need
his kind of change" "Change can be bad"

"He's inspirational" becomes "His rhetoric is
getting old" "He has the same old message and
his star has faded"

"Experience doesn't matter,he has enough
experience" becomes "He's only been in the Senate
2 years that's not enough" "He has no foreign
policy experience" "We can't trust the job of
President to someone untested"
The love fest right now is just to try to get
Hillary out of the race. Attack her and get
the candidate you want to run against then
crucify him.Yes, they will also play the racism
card. Not outright but Limbaugh,etc. will politely
ask "Are we ready for a black President?" Now it
wont sound outright racist but they know their
followers will interpret it as "Your not really
going to let a black man become President are
Remember these are the same people who called
him Barack "hussein" Obama or Barack "Osama".
They tried to say he was a Muslim and a
Terrorist because of his name.The Fascicons are sick
and perverted we can all agree.The funny thing is
now that they want Hillary to lose so badly,you
never hear them say this anymore,but oh you wait.
If he wins He'll be back to Barack "osama" and
the Terrorist/Muslim label will come back.
Listen to this and ask yourself if you think
"tweety" will still talks this way about Obama
if he wins the nomination.

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