Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do Republicans believe in Free Market Capitalism ?

Not when it hurts there friends.They loosen the
rules for Big Business and allow them to scam and
steal from the American public (Enron, Savings and Loan.)
But when they get caught or the scheme falls
apart or the economic policies of Republicans
don't work, well then the "free market" gets
tossed out the window.
Republicans bailed out the Savings and Loan
Republicans and Bush are begging the
Saudis to pump more oil (thats not capitalism, let them make as much money as they
Republicans see the stock market tanking and
are crying for...wait for it.......GOVERNMENT
The Republicans want to bail out the Banks and
Mortgage companies who gambled in subprime
mortgages and lost! Will they bail me out if
I bet big and lose in Las Vegas ...I wonder ?
they don't mention helping the people losing
their houses, Its multi-millionaires losing
that extra million a month that deserve the
sympathy.When your used to living on 3 million
a month how can you survive on just 2 million?
They still believe in subsidies for small family
farms with a million acres and only 2000
employees like the ones run by ADM,Con Agra
and Monsanto.
Yes, all and all the Republicans have proved that
the "Free market" works best if the government
allows Big Business to run the Country,Steal
from the people and get bailed out when they
get in trouble.

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