Friday, January 11, 2008

Global warming ? No way, those 99% of Scientists must be wrong.

Snow in Baghdad
Record snow in New England.
Record rain in California.
Record wildfires in California.
Record floods in England and Europe.
Record heat wave in France.
Record Ice melts in Antarctica.
Tornadoes where they've never been.
Katrina and record breaking hurricanes.
Hurricanes in the Middle East for first time.
Record heat waves worldwide.
Islands dissapear from rising Oceans.

But hey dont believe your eyes, or 99% of all
weather Climitologists,or factual data,
believe the Republicans, this is all your imagination.ROFL.


Missy said...

I did ask questions and this is what I found: from 1950 to 1975 there were more hurricanes in the Atlantic than from 1975 to present. Hailstorms in the US were 35% more common fifty years ago than today. In the 20th century extreme rainfall amounts in the first part were comparable to amounts in the last part. One must take non-climatic factors into consideration when studying flooding, including deterioration of dams and levees, changes in land use, building in flood-prone areas, and societal influences.

Much of the world was several degrees warmer between 800 and 1300 AD than today. "People grew wine grapes in England, figs in Germany, assorted crops in Greenland." From that time until around 1900, temperatures were colder. They warmed again about that time. Natural changes are the supposed cause; contributing factors include energy output of the sun and the Earth's orbit.

I respect that you have a different opinion than I, but I'm a bit offended you lumped all doubters of global warming into the Republican realm; I doubt the theory and I'm an Independent. Or do we not count?

xoxo said...

Hi ,missy thnx for responding.
You do count.As for your info
Ive heard similar stuff and don't doubt it.I have pointed out some unusual weather you can't explain as a natural cycle.The basic fact is
the overwhelming number of scientists
who study climate for a living worldwide agree our situation today isn't by natural causes.If you think you know more than them, OK.I don't claim to have superior knowledge then them, I believe them.Now some believe this to be a huge conspiracy which would make it the largest and most complex in history.If you ask a statistician the odds of a conspiracy this large
with so many people co-operating for no apparent personal benefit is virtually impossible.