Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa and Clinton derangement syndrome.

Barrack wins!
The more interesting
story however is
the Clinton Der-
angement syndrome.
I heard Chris Mathews
declare this a severe
loss for Senator Hillary Clinton, claiming the
results mean that to thirds voted against her.
Does he not realize that means two thirds also
would have voted against her opponents ? This
is typical Republican thinking is
involved.Kudos to the great Rachel Maddow who
quickly pointed out this stupidity to Chris.
Then on Fox faux news Bloody Bill Kristol said
Hillary couldn't come back from this loss, But
they believe that Rudy Guiliani doesn't need a
win in Iowa or N.H. to continue on to get the
So why the stupid statements from the Republicans?
It's called Clinton (or Hillary) derangement
syndrome.They have a psychological and unfounded
hatred for the Clintons and can only try to put
them down.Part of it is they hope to make her lose
because they know she can beat all her Republican
opponents according to national polls.They know
she has $50 million in the bank, more than enough
to get to super Tuesday, which they wont admit but
all know will decide who the nominee is. Bush
didn't win Iowa or N.H. when they still mattered.
Do they think those 2 thirds wont vote for Hillary
if she gets nominated ? Wishfull
I love to watch them squirm.

A side note for conspiracy buffs. I noticed them
commenting on how many Republicans were there
for Obama. I find It hard to believe they would
not vote for Hillary but would vote for someone
more liberal ? sounds strange, huh ? Not if you
think they might be an organized effort to derail
Hillary and get an opponent they think they might
be able to beat. They've done this type of thing
before,phony protests to stop election recounts,
phony terrorist threats,phone jamming, supporting
Joe Lieberman,phony news reports and The
swiftboat veterans lies against John Kerry.
See my post below "How Republicans steal elections"
for details on those.

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