Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Republican hypocrisy....

1:Republican attacks are
described as "Aggressive"
"Impressive" or
"Highlighting differences"
1:Democrats are described as
"Attacking" "vicious"
"going negative" or

2:Sen.Don Sherwood cheats on wife for 5 yrs.
Beat his mistress and is praised by Bush and
Republicans as a good man.His wife is praised
as a good christian for staying with him.
Republican say he deserves to be re-elected.
2:President Bill Clinton had a non intercourse
affair and the Republicans call for his
impeachment.(many who were having there own
affairs at the time,Newt Gingrich is one)
Hillary is attacked for staying with him
and considered evil for not leaving him.

3:Republican said the public had a right to know
if Clinton ever used drugs and that if so he
shouldn't be President.
3:Republicans said it was no ones business if
George bush used cocaine and it didn't matter.
Even with a drunk driving conviction he still
qualified to them to be President.

4: Hillary's Senate campaign fundraiser was
charged with Illegal fundraising.Republicans
said she had to know about it and was guilty
too.He was found Innocent.
4: Tom Delays campaign fundraiser was charged
with illegal fundraising at the same time.
Republicans said he was Innocent and Delay had
no knowledge of it.He was found guilty.

5:Congressman gary Condit was suspected but
innocent in the murder of Chandra Levy who
he had an affair media
constantly covered it and destroyed his career.
5:Congressman Joe Scarbourough's intern was
found dead in his office of suspicious causes.
The story was not covered and buried by the media.
he had too quit his congressional seat because
he was having an affair, we don't know with who
was it her? The doctor who performed the autopsy
later had his license revoked for the second time
for falsifying autopsy reports.Read about it.
Joe Scarborough didn't lose his career after this
scandal but got his own show on MSNBC.

6:Rush Limbaugh say all drug users should go
to jail.
6:Rush Limbaugh is caught using illegal drugs
and fights going to jail.Law and order,tuff on
crime Republicans call sympathy and rehab for
7:Republicans said Bill Clinton Shouldn't be
President for cheating with Gennifer Flowers
and the public had a right to know about
candidates affairs.
7:Republicans say Rudy Guiliani's cheating
shouldn't affect his right to become President
and that its private and the media shouldn't
talk about it.
8:The Republicans Used the Willie Horton add
to claim Michael Dukakkis let a murderer go free
to kill again.
8:The Republicans refuse to talk about mike
Huckabee fighting for a rapist to go free
because the woman he raped was Bill Clinton's
cousin.The rapist he got free from jail went on
to rape and murder another woman, but they don't
say Huckabee bears any blame.
9:It was considered legitimate by Republicans to
look into John Kerry's military past and protests.
9: It was considered off limits to look into George
Bush's past military record or ask about his drug
use or rumors of him getting his girlfriend an
illegal abortion (at the time it was illegal).
these were personal issues that he shouldn't have
to answer.

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