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Proof Socialism Works.

Lets compare the neocons favorite target country France and the U.S.

Population :France 63,000,000
U.S. 300,000,000
GDP (official exchange rate):France $2.154 trillion
U.S. $13.22 trillion (2006 est.)
Growth rate:France 2.4%
U.S. 2.1% (2007 1RST QUTR.)
Budget:revenues:France $1.15 trillion
expenditures: $1.211 trillion
(This means the French government has $1.15
trillion to spend on only 63 million people.
We have only twice that much to spend on 300
million people.Almost 5 times as many people.
This explains why they have no potholes,can
afford universal health care and a 350+ mph train system.)
revenues:U.S. $2.409 trillion
expenditures: $2.66 trillion
Currency reserves:France $74,360,000,000
U.S. $86,940,000,000
Public debt:France 64.7% of GDP
$3,461,000,000,000 Trillion
U.S.64.7% of GDP
$8,825,000,000,000 Trillion
Deficit:France $58.8 billion
(By law Soc.Sec. funds can't be spent
for anything but Soc.Sec.)
U.S. $760 billion (SOC.SEC. and Iraq funding
money spent but not counted in deficit.
350 billion +)
Military spending:France $46 Billion (3RD)
U.S. $276 Billion (1RST)
Gross National Income
(per capita):France $30,693.70
U.S. $43,144.30
(This doesn't take into account Americans work an
extra 400 Hrs.per year for the extra income.)
Unemployment Rate:France 8%
(This is a bit misleading since most young
adults in France 16-26 don't work but go
to school full-time)
U.S. 4.8%
Unemployment pay:France 57% For 22 Months
(75% For low Income)
U.S. 48% For 6 Months
Worker Productivity per hr:France $35 Per Hour (#2)
U.S. $32 Per Hour (#4)
(This blows away the myth that
socialism makes workers lazy.)
Population below
poverty line:France 6.2%
(Lowest for industrial countries)
U.S. 14%
Population below
median Income:France 8%
U.S. 17%
Inflation rate:France 1.5%
U.S. 2.5%
Average Work Week:France 35 Hours
U.S. 46 Hours
Minimum Wage:France $9.50
U.S. $5.15
Comparative price
levels by country:France 94
U.S. 109
(OECD AVE.=100, LESS THAN 100=Cheaper cost of living)
Vacation :France 7 weeks average
(5 Weeks minimum paid, by law)
U.S. 13 days average (source Infoplease)
Health Care:France Ranked #1
U.S. Ranked #37 (W.H.O. 2001)
Population gov.covered:France 99%
U.S. 40% (15% have no coverage.)
gov. cost per person :France $3,048
U.S. $5,711
yearly gov. cost growth:France 2.3%
U.S. 3.2%
Life expectancy:France 72 years
U.S. 69 years
Infant mortality rate:France 4.31 per 1,000
U.S. 10.4 per 1,000
Paid Maturnity leave:France 1 Year up to 3 for 3 children
U.S. none
GOV. pay for children:France 2 $480, 3 $960 Per month
(%40 Discount on publicTransit,Pools,etc.)
U.S. $0
Daycare:France 1-3 Free 3+ School
U.S. $400+ Per month,Per Child
Education:France free Preschool through College
U.S. Free Kindergarten-Through 12th Grade

Retirement age:France Average 59 Yrs old
U.S average 67 yrs old
Total crimes 2006:France 3,771,850
U.S. 23,677,800
Teen Pregnancy:France 17,985 births (2006)
U.S. 494,357 births (2006)

In France almost all workers get Saturday off and
Even more get Sunday off.

If you can't believe the facts what can you believe?

-----CIA world fact book
-----Nation Master
-----World Health Organisation
-----Personal Information

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Anonymous said...

proof socialism doesn't work: India.

Anonymous said...

You left of many key indicators. Produticty growth, job creation, etc. and they all lean the other way. Also france is not socialist...moron. They are primarily a capitalist country.

xoxo said...

India and France aren't the same different Countries have different forms of socialism.
If you would like to add productivity growth and job creation (per person as we have more people)then go ahead,
It wont change the other facts.
And yes France is Socialist,look at wikipedia and ask any Republican.
Socialism and is a mix of Communism (total gov.control)and Capitalism(no gov. control)America became socialist in the 1930's when
our pure Capitalist system failed.
The difference is France is more Socialist then us.Almost all countries in the world are by defintition Socialist.You can see what has happened to are economy and housing market lately because of less restrictions and Gov. control and a more Capitalist approach to economics brought about by the Republicans,record debt ,a failing Dollar,Enron,Housing collapse,High fuel costs,lower wages,etc. thank you both for replying.

Sheens' said...

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