Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain VS. Barack Obama who has more terrorist friends?

Obama...Ayers..1960's radical never convicted.

McCain...G.Gordon Liddy...convicted for water-
gate break-in.Trying to over throw
Democrcy by stealing an election is
treason in my worldview.He also told
his radio show listeners how to kill
federal agents..sounds like terrorism
to me.
Oliver North...convicted of arming the
Contras illegally.Arming a terrorist
group makes him a terrorist under the
Republican definition of who is a
terrorist.He also gave "Aid and comfort"
as Sean Hannity likes to say,to Our enemy
Iran. He gave them money and weapons,today
he would be in Guantanamo.Iran at the time
was kidnapping Americans and openly supporting
terrorists (who may have gotten some of
Olivers money and weapons from Iran).
This by McCains definition makes Oliver a
Traitor and a Terrorist.
Todd Palin.......member of an Alaskan
seperatist party, who's leader hated America
I don't know if he advocated violence against
America or if Todd and Sarah agreed with that
if he did.
I think two terrorist/traitors and two anti-
Americans is enough to prove my point.

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