Sunday, October 12, 2008

Orders from the Republican party for voter supression and fraud go out.

Its here in force...we saw
it with the Hillary/Barack they are doing it
to Obama.Watch the "news"
and you'll notice they mostly
have only McCain supporters
on to defend McCain and slam
Obama with no reply from the
absent Obama supporter,they
would probably lie in their
defense and say they couldn't
get one,would you believe that? this is classic
propaganda.They are playing up Obama's phony
relationship with Ayers while down Palins abuse
of power and saying it wasn't illegal (then why
the investigation? because it might be illegal).
Its certainly immoral and destroys her credibility.
They don't report that she's been caught commiting
a felony by using private email accounts for
Government business...the only one in jail for
that is the hacker who exposed dare he
expose a Republican Politicains crime, they'll
make him pay.
Do you notice they strive to show African Americans
as Republicans and supporters of McCain way out of
porpotion to reality? They tried this with the lie
about a group of supposed Hillary supporters for
McCain that turned out to be Republicans.Some have
switched but they could easily find and interview
twice as many ex-bush/McCain supporters.Why haven't
The voter suppression has kicked into high gear also.
The false attacks and outrage (the outrage comes from
minorities voting not election integrity)in the
overblown attacks on Acorn.They didn't cover the
arrest of Two republican party officials in N.H.
for voter fraud/election interference.They didn't
didn't cover the massive Republican voter fraud
in Ohio in 2004 or the destroying of Democrat
registration cards in Nevada by Republican
operatives in 2004-2006.No outrage at that.
They don't cover much or care about the voter
purges of tens of thousands of minorities and
Democrats in swing states every election cycle.
where's the outrage all you news commentators?
All you Conservatives worried about voter fraud
and election integrity...speak up damn you!!!!
lets not forget the recent illegal flyers that
went out to students in Virginia colleges telling
them they couldn't vote (geez I wonder who they
would support?) and in others states telling
minorities they could be arrested for voting if
they have an old parking ticket(has never
happened).This is classic voter supression and
if its not wrong or illegal why was it done
This isn't freedom of the press , its
election interference and should be banned.
I say bring back the fairness doctrine and
something new I call the honesty doctrine.Any
person on public airwaves if caught lying or
getting things so wrong consistantly that they
are abusing the "privelage" (Its like driving its
not a "right") of being on our airwaves or are
to incompetant to be on air they should be banned.

The book "1984" predicted media "brainwashing".In
the novel It tells the story of Winston Smith, a
functionary at the Ministry of Truth, whose work
consists of editing historical accounts to fit
the government's policies. Sound familiar? First
we went to war in Iraq because of WMD's then it
was to stop Al Quaeda when those were exposed as
lies the history in the Conservative media changed
to "we went to free the people of Iraq"
The Government's slogan in the novel is
"War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is
Can you see these in our Republican Governments
actions? War on terror,Iraq,Iran?;
Homeland security,Guantanamo,Political protest
crackdowns,false arrests for speaking out against
the attack on public education,Control of the
media by Conservatives,lies and omissions in
our history books?
Let me offer proof...did you know we invaded
Russia after WWI? you didn't
learn that in school,its a major war thats very
relavent seeing as how russia was our enemy for
so long.Do you think it was by accident... they
forgot? or they intentionally hid it? Look

Saturday, October 11, 2008

...And the Conservatives bowed down and prayed to their god.....and they called him dollar...

Well here is the absolute proof Republicans
are Chino's (Christians in name only).Unless
you think they truly believe Moon is the
second coming of Christ?
Lets not forget Bush senior gave a speech
Praising Moon and they are very friendly
with extremist Muslim's like the Bin Laden
family and the house of Saud.These are
the people Who bought Bush junior the
Texas rangers as a gift (They gave him
money for earlier ventures that failed
and kept throwing money his way)I have
to wonder sometimes if thats why Osama
is still free....maybe he promised Bush
the dallas Cowboys after his term was up..?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh so insane!

"President not!,will you be" Yoda,Jedi master.

Hugo Chavez bitch slaps Bush!!!

Now that Bush and the Conservatives have
been forced by evolution (Social politics
and Economics are also affected by evolution)
to Socialise more of the American economy
Chavez and Socialists are having the last
"If the Venezuelan government, for example,
approves a law to protect consumers, they
say, 'Take notice, Chavez is a tyrant!'"
Chavez said in one of his recent weekly
television shows.
"Or they say, 'Chavez is regulating prices.
He is violating the laws of the marketplace.'
How many times have they criticized me for
nationalizing the phone company? They say,
'The state shouldn't get involved in that.'
But now they don't criticize Bush for having
nationalize . . . the biggest banks in the world.
Comrade Bush, how are you?"
The audience laughed and Chavez continued.
"Comrade Bush is heading toward socialism."

"The biggest nationalization in the world was
of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The biggest
nationalization of an insurer was AIG. People
are saying that Bush is privatizing risk and
socializing losses," said.Mark Weisbrodt,
director of the leftist Washington-based
Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Communism for the nice :)

Socialist regulations are bad? Oh yeah?

Canada and France's banking centers are
fine thanks to regulations.The IMF says
"Canada will lead G-7 economies in 2009,
with growth of 1.2 per cent" and Meanwhile,
the U.S. is forecast to grow only 0.1 per
cent.France has a growth forcast of 1-2 %.
As our unemployment has risen to 6.1
France has gone from 10% to 7.2 percent.
See FOX NEWS this is how to be "Fair and
Balanced" just use those pesky things
called facts.

Iranian president has no power... you eeediots!

The President of Iran has no power
to tell the military to attack anyone.
The Ayatollah is the one with all the
power.But don't think McCain is an idiot,
he knows this as do other
Republicans in office..he's just lying.
A little wikipedia and a brain stem
go a long way.Have a nice day.

McCain says Obama dishonest?

McCain say Obama dishonest because he's a
Chicago Politician.

Ted Stevens Republican senator from Alaska-indicted
Bruce Weyhrauch Alaska state Republican Representative
indicted Bribery/fraud.
Pete Kott Alaska state Republican Representative
Indicted Bribery/fraud.
Former Senate President Ben Stevens, the son of Alaska
Senator Ted Stevens, is expected to be indicted shortly.
Congressman Don Young, R-Alaska, is under investigation
for earmarking millions in funds.
Jim Clark, former chief of staff for former Alaska
Governor Frank Murkowski, pleaded guilty to a
single count of conspiracy to commit fraud.
Rep. Tom Anderson is indicted on charges of money
laundering, extortion and bribery.
Rep. Vic Kohring ...bribery.
And of course Governor Sarah "the lipstick pitbull"
Palin under investigation for Troopergate and
tax evasion.
McCain...such a good judge of honesty and character.

McCain says

John McCain VS. Barack Obama who has more terrorist friends?

Obama...Ayers..1960's radical never convicted.

McCain...G.Gordon Liddy...convicted for water-
gate break-in.Trying to over throw
Democrcy by stealing an election is
treason in my worldview.He also told
his radio show listeners how to kill
federal agents..sounds like terrorism
to me.
Oliver North...convicted of arming the
Contras illegally.Arming a terrorist
group makes him a terrorist under the
Republican definition of who is a
terrorist.He also gave "Aid and comfort"
as Sean Hannity likes to say,to Our enemy
Iran. He gave them money and weapons,today
he would be in Guantanamo.Iran at the time
was kidnapping Americans and openly supporting
terrorists (who may have gotten some of
Olivers money and weapons from Iran).
This by McCains definition makes Oliver a
Traitor and a Terrorist.
Todd Palin.......member of an Alaskan
seperatist party, who's leader hated America
I don't know if he advocated violence against
America or if Todd and Sarah agreed with that
if he did.
I think two terrorist/traitors and two anti-
Americans is enough to prove my point.

We are white,racist,phycho-Christians and losing our power, and we are MAD !!!!

This is what I heard behind this guys words.
See if you can hear some of it too,listen
carefully,some code words and incitement to
more exremism are self evident.They are
getting desperate and that makes them
dangerous....that guy said "kill him" thats
a felony right there.