Monday, December 17, 2007

Hugo Chavez ,Hero,Failed Dictator,Great Democratic President

Hugo Chavez Has
Admitted defeat
of a resolution
to allow him to
run for office of
President again.
Many on the right
are calling this a victory for Democracy and the
Venezuelan people.
Lets look at that.
First, If he was a Dictator he wouldn't have had
a referendum.He only lost by 51% to 49% not huge.

Second, They say he wanted to be a dictator and
this would make him President for life. Not true.
He would still have to win elections. Obvious to
those with brains you aren't a dictator if you've
won an open election fairly (which he has 4 times

Third, Who put in term limits in Venezuela ?
The almighty "Dictator" Chavez (dumb move if you
wanna be a dictator.
Now these very same republicans who decry Chavez
as a Dictator for wanting now to be allowed to
run for office indefinitely ,Surprise! they don't
believe they should have term limits.They argue
"it's up to the people if they like the job we are
doing for them then they should have the right to
re-elect us indefinitely"...Wow...imagine that.
so much hypocrisy from the right.
Do you know that up until the 1930's American
Presidents had no term limits ? Does that mean
until then, according to republicans, they were
all Dictators ?
So why would they want to vote for Chavez again?
How about In Venezuela the poverty rate has
dropped 31% under Chávez, (extreme poverty from
53% to 9.1 percent). Or In 1998 there were 1,628
primary care physicians for a population of 23.4
million. Today, there are 19,571 for a population
of 27 million.A 20% rise in minimum wage? Work
week from 44 hrs. to 36? Wages overall have risen
300% during his Presidency.Are those good enough
reasons for the people to want to vote for him again?

The Republicans also denounce him for hanging out
Fidel Castro and The Iranian President(democratic-
ally elected believe it or not).
But now lets look at who bush and cheney hang out
with...the bin laden family, the dictators of Saudi
Arabia (who provided most of the 9/11 terrorists),
the dictator musharrif of Pakistan and the brutally
murderous dictator of Kazakhistan. The V.P. cheney
even praised him after a recent murder spree.
cheney pronounced himself "delighted" to be a
guest of Nazarbayev, saying "I consider him my
friend" He also said this asked about Kazakhstan's
human rights record, he expressed "admiration for
all that's been accomplished here in Kazakhstan"
and confidence that it will continue.

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