Monday, December 17, 2007

What is Islamofascism ?

It is a made up word by
neocons or what I like
to call the fascicons.
Obviously when the right
wing-nuts refer to Islamo-
fascists they aren't
referring to Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait or say Dubai.These are our allies and we
can't call them names although they have things
in common with Fascism (authoritarian
governments).Who they are calling Fascists are
the Terrorist groups (but trying also to put
down Muslims in general).
But according to the definition of Fascism you
would need a government to institute
Things like Government sponsor of a
phony universal religion (theocracy) I say phony
because the people in power just use it for
cover but don't truly believe.
2.Support geared towards giving the rich and
Corporations almost total control of Government.
3.taking away freedom of speech.
4.spying on citizens.
5.creating a one party system.
The terrorist groups have no government or
civilian population to do these things to.
They also truly believe in the religion they
espouse,which makes them so extreme.
They in general want power to force their
religious beliefs on others but believe in
a more egalitarian and non materialistic
type of society unlike true Fascists.
Its funny you never hear the right refer to
Christofascists. Like the terrorist Timothy
Mcviegh or Rudy the Olympic park bomber
or all the Family planning clinic bombers.
Hypocrisy ? I've reported decide.

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