Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can I say I told you so ?....Welcome to Amerika.

I said they would downplay Hillary's win in
Florida and I was right.I heard one news
program say "Hillary gets a victory after a
landslide loss in South Carolina".They feel
obligated it seems to mention her loss in
S.C. when they mention her win as if to try
to offset it.Ive also noticed that when Obama
won S.C. they focused on that and the "huge"
win and didn't give as much airtime to the
Republican side.
Now that Hillary has won a "huge" victory,
The media it seems is trying to ignore it.
They don't call it a "landslide" in general
but seem to be downplaying saying things like
"This win doesn't really count".They also talk
mostly about the Republican results
(opposite of S.C.) I believe because they
don't want to keep mentioning Hillary won.Now
you might say they talk about the Republicans
because the situation is different...wrong.
Both parties had candidates drop out and
neither has an absolute front runner overall.
I also two different "newscasters" say that
Obama is the front runner!
Hillary has 232 delegates to Obama's 138
she just won Florida by a huge margin,a
state thats 3-4 times bigger than S.C.
She also leads in national polls by almost
10 points and in California by double digits.
They are now resorting to outright lies to
try to interfere with free and Democratic
elections...Welcome to Amerika.
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Anonymous said...

Florida is being ignored because there were no delegates so it doesn't contribute to Ms. Clinton's campaign in any measurable sense. Also the polls you are citing are out of date, the race has become closer in the last few days and that may be critical- considering how many SC voters supported Obama at the last minute it may be that the race is EVEN closer than that. On the other hand we really don't, after all Hillary proved in New Hampshire and Obama proved to a lesser degree in South Carolina that polls and pundits can be spectacularly wrong.

Godless said...

This is one media bias I don't mind. Hillary is an unelectable candidate- the Right hates her. Obama can garner some of the conservative votes. Besides, Hillary is basically Joe Lieberman in a skirt- you might as well vote for a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Get a life. The candidates pledged to not campaign in FL and knew that its delegates were null and void.

Hillary cheated that by appearing in FL at numerous 'private events', including just before the primary. Now that Hillary won the state, she wants to go back on the whole situation and wants to make the delegates count.

The results mean almost nothing because there was no campaigning by multiple candidates. Hillary also won in Michigan, because she was the only one on the ballot and 40% of people still couldn't be bothered to check her off! Give me a break.