Friday, February 1, 2008

Hell freezes over ! Ann Coulter says she will vote for Hillary !

If you had doubts about the destruction
of the Fascicon party this is the proof.
The best the Republican party can do is to
nominate a moderate to run against the
Democratic Nominee and even then they stand
little chance of winning.

The rabid dog, foaming at the mouth, Fascicon
Conservative wing of Republican party won't
stand for it.They would rather lose than vote
for a phony Neocon.
Maybe the Bush years have been good for us.
No I haven't lost my mind,so how you ask ?
I think that the Bushistas were so greedy
and corrupt and power mad that they WAY
overplayed their hand.They abused so much in
such a short period of time, they exposed the
lie that is the Conservative agenda.Reagan
was at least semi-suttle.Bush has proved
1:The Neocon social plan doesn't work (Katrina,
Spying Illegally on Americans,Election rigging.)
2:The Neocon "Free Market" big business plan
doesn't work(Housing,Enron,Big Oil,Halliburton)
3:The Neocon foriegn policy doesn't work(Iraq).
4:The Neocon Fiscal policies don't work($400 Mill.
Deficit and a $12 Trillion Debt.)
So this election and the one before is the backlash
against a failed regime.The good part is Democrats
will regain control (I predict for a long time to
coming.)With Republican policies a failure they
will have a free hand to return us to a saner
time (Pre-Reagan)and restore our rights ,
Government oversight of big business,Fiscal
responsibility and Social responsibility to each
other(Health Care.)
LOL. Bush screwed up so badly he destroyed the
Republicans and did a good thing.
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