Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conspiracy corner # 1

Im going to start
something new here
that will be a semi-
regular series
showing some
classic conspiracies,
some new ones and some
that aren't well known.
ill let you know the ones that have been proven
like watergate for example is an undeniable
conspiracy to steal the elections committed by
the Republicans in the Nixon administration.
OK, Here it is.I came across this photo,I can't
vouch for it or Oswald being in it...but what
really puzzles me is the strange smile on the
guys face in the car and the fact that Kennedy's
guy aren't reacting to the shots.

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1 comment:

Shirley said...

It is now being said that L.B. Johnson confessed to the assassination the assassination of JFK. OH! and if you enlarge the pic you will see where Oswald is standing...NOT in the place where they said. Want some more facts about this just pay a visit to this blog.
Did You Know

The truth come out a little late.