Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Have you noticed the Media Bias ?

Every time Hillary
wins or loses the
rightwing news almost
always has an Obama
supporter ?
The few times they
have a Hillary supporter
on they almost always have an Obama supporter on
to rebut, plus the commentator attacks Hillary
too.Hillary is "crushed" "demolished" "spanked"
etc. These are the words I hear describing
Hillary's loss will they say the same about
Obama if he loses big in Florida ? I doubt it
let's watch and see.Remember I predicted their
reactions to a Hillary win in N.H. which I also
predicted.In my opinion "news" shows that are this
biased trying to use the Public airwaves to
immorally influence the vote and interfere with
Democracy, by lying sometimes, should be
charged with treason, at least take them off
the air.Propaganda is illegal in the U.S.
and this is propaganda by definition.
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