Monday, January 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton = Media bias.

this clip again proves my point.They are forced
to acknowledge Hillary as the front runner
(you can see how pain full it is for them.)
And they still have to put her down or downplay
her accomplishments.Once again Mathews(tweety)
implies she won her Senatorship because people
felt sorry for her.Puhhhleeese.They also keep
saying Rudy still has a chance he just needs to
win the big states, yet Hillary who has always
been the front runner would have been out if she
lost N.H. They don't make sense.Is it because
they don't live in our reality or are delusional?
No they are liars who think they can bring down
Hillary by telling lies like this.Remember those
National polls with Hillary in the lead ? they
never mentioned those,but now find it convenient
to mention because they show Obama closing the
gap.the bias is so blatant.Mccain is Now leading
over Rudy in national polls yet Rudy still has a
chance according to them.They are also trying to
push the myth that if Hillary loses Nevada and S.C.
it's over, Again the Idiocy! Not a chance super
Tuesday is the only thing that will decide,much to
their disappointment.Oh,like Georgie Bush said once
upon a time "If only this were a dictatorship" with
a Republican as dictator Hannity, Buchannan,Rush,
Ann "the man" Coulter,and yes tweety would all
have a wet dream.
They also contantly joke about Bill Clinton's
Infidelity, have you evr heard them joke about or
even mention Rudy Guiliani's cheating on his wives?

You don't have to sign an affidavit,but you must
admit at least you saw the bias in that video.
Is this Propaganda a'la the Soviet Union ?

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