Friday, January 11, 2008

LOL.Hillary wins, Media makes excuses.

Well I nailed it. Hillary won and they are still
putting her down! The Right wing controlled media
can't stop.They have Hillary Derangement Syndrome.
Heres one example;
Its not true what he says,Hillary won because she's
better than Rudy. She beat his pants off and he
literally got beat because he could't keep his
pants on.
and heres the biased reporting;

Sean Hannity keeps saying how Rudy still has a
chance because these states don't matter and
he's leading in National polls and thats what
matters.Funny they never mention Hillary is
leading in National polls, is favored by Las
Vegas odds to win The Presidency! and has twice
as many electoral votes as Barack.when Rachel
Maddow pointed out National polls for Hillary
they quickly said that doesn't matter and can
change for the worse (not true, its just them
dreaming out loud) and quickly change the subject.

This is there biased narrative of the race.

National lead for Rudy = good after losing he's
still got a shot.
National lead for Hillary,close race in Iowa, win
in New Hampshire doesn't matter she's on the ropes
close to losing everything.
They also keep saying "The majority voted against
First,the majority by that standard voted against
all the candidates.
Second, a vote for one candidate isn't a vote
against another.
Third, if she wins the nomination do they really
think all those Democrats wont vote for whoever
the nominee is ? do you think they will really
let another idiot Republican become President ?
And to top it all off Rush Limbaugh is claiming
(without proof as always) that Hillary cheated
and bussed people in from out of state to vote
illegally.his is the type of phony voter fraud
Republicans keep claiming but can never seem
to prove.

Why the bias ? Why the hypocrisy ?
They made careers off irrationally hating the
Clintons.Rush Limbaugh would be nobody without
them.They are also trying to influence voters
wrongfully by lying and I believe they should
not be allowed to do polls before an election
or predict outcomes anymore.If they get caught
lying they lose there license.

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