Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hillary wins New Hampshire and Republican spin (lies).

Well she hasn't
won yet I predicted
she would.She is
winning by 6% right
now and the Republican
spin (lies) have
started.I just heard
one pundit say "well
it's not over yet" even though the same guy
called the race in Iowa for Barack at this
time with a lesser margin of vote %.He also
said " Even if she wins it wont be a huge
victory since she was the front runner and
the margin of victory is so slim" SLIM !?
Barack won by 9% they called it a huge
victory Hillary is winning by 6% and all of a
sudden thats slim ? Do you see how they twist
and manipulate (spin)the news to interfere with
our rights ?
Yes are Democratic right to free elections.
Lying on tv. and misleading people to believe
something that isn't true should be Illegal.
Its fraud.Airwaves are public and immorally
or Illegally trying to influence or interfere
with free elections is treason.Airwaves are
public and the Corporations have no right to
them.Its a privilege we give them.If they abuse
it, it should be taken away Fox news should lose
its license.They were caught red handed cheating
and trying (through lies)to interfere with the
democratic process.(see the story above).
I also now predict that they will try to slow
or stop Hillary's momentum by downplaying her win
and saying the victory was too small or N.H.
doesn't matter now or Barack will win S.C. and
if she doesn't win there its over or he still has
the momentum ...mark my words and listen to how
predictable Hannity and the rest are.Am I psychic?
No, I just see the truth that makes prediction and
reading other peoples future actions easy.

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