Sunday, January 6, 2008

Republican Hypocrisy

Another Republican
gets caught cheating
on his wife. The
funny part is, he
tried to hide it
by using privacy
laws affirmed by
the Supreme court in a Texas case trying to keep
sodomy outlawed.THIS is the Attorney who argued
against the right to privacy! and typical of
Republicans now that he lost the case and those
rights he was against are law, he wants to use
them to protect his privacy....Irony anyone ?
But isn't always this way? they want rights they
think others shouldn't have.Remember Rush
Limbaugh's rant that all drug user's are guilty
and should not be shown sympathy or get rehab?
Until he got caught using drugs illegally, then
it was "oh we should have sypathy for him"
"he should be forgiven, Its the Christian way"
(never forgave Clinton) and Rush sure didn't
think he should go to jail. Its always "the law
should only apply to others" with them.

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