Friday, January 4, 2008

Republican stupidity...

Rudy Guiliani and
Fred Thompson see
mushrooms and clouds
or was it mushroom
clouds ?...anyways
don't they realize
terrorizing the
voter's doesn't
work anymore ?
Sean Hannity thinks Mitt Romneys loss by over
15% to Huckabee doesn't make him the loser but
Hillary's 8% loss to Obama should end her run.
Does this make sense ? Both were front runner's.
The difference is Sean's Hillary Derangement
Syndrome.He says your crazy if you think Romney's
out of the race but if you think Hillary's still
in the race he thinks your crazy ? Yeah doesn't
make sense but psychotic people usually dont.
He also gets angry at Republicans for not running
negative adds against, Hillary but makes her out
to be evil if she dares to do it to Obama.
Why would they defend Obama so much ? do
Republicans heart Obama ? No. Hillary scare the
pants off them.
So by Republican logic 2/3 of Democrats in Iowa
(which at 95% in no way represents America, Cali-
fornia and New York = 1/5 of all Americans)
voted "against" Hillary not "for " Obama or
Edwards. But according to Sean Hannity those same
Iowan's didn't vote 3 to 1 against Romney or 10-1
against Rudy Guiliani (Sean's boy).He says they
still have a strong chance of winning.
They never mention Hillary is way ahead in N.H.
Or national polls. You will only hear them Mention
Hillary Clinton with the words loses ,lost, and
no chance.

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