Friday, January 4, 2008

My Predictions....

I predict Hillary wins New Hampshire loses S.C.
and wins California and New York (81 Electors)
and then the nomination and the Presidency.
:) lets see if Im right.I like Obama but he
doesn't realize we are at war with Republicans.
As he reaches out to shake their hand they'll
stab him in the back like they did to President
Bill Clinton.Edwards....I love him telling the
truth about classism in America.The rich, ruling
elite,above the law class vs. normal Americans.
But they will bash him over the head for
exposing the American public to the truth and make
him look crazy.They made Americans believe Al Gore
said he invented the internet,when he actually
said he help create it by funding it in the senate
and pushing it to spread into schools as Vice
President.You have never heard the that side of it
have you ? Because that's the truth and Republicans
are experts at hiding and destroying the truth.
since the Clintons realize Republicans are
America's true enemies and they have successfully
fought them already and won every fight I believe
this qualify's Hillary to be the best President.
She's not Liberal enough for me but she can get
things done because she wont be "taken out" by
the Republicans.

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