Friday, January 4, 2008

Trying to steal the elections again.America is in a civil war.

They will never stop,
Republicans can't
win elections honestly
so they try
(and succeed in
stealing them).
They are purgingthousands of voters from voting
rolls Illegally taking away their right to vote
in the name of stopping "voter fraud."
There has been no widespread evidence of voter
fraud,it barely exists and doesn't exist at all
in some places they are "fighting" it.So they are
"fighting" "voter fraud" by wrongfully taking
away the rights of tens of thousands of Americans
to vote.
How does this stop fraud ? It doesn't.
If You look at the numbers these Americans who
had their rights violated are 90% or more Democrats.
Coincidence ? No.
This is a systematic strategy to steal an Election.
Do you think only Democrats commit voting fraud ?
The majorityof Election fraud cases have been
Republican. So statistics says this purge is
wrong, not to mention common sense.Lets ask the
Republicans why they only want to divide
California's Electoral collage not that of say
Texas or Florida ?

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