Saturday, February 16, 2008

The attacks on Obama start, I told you so...

I don't wanna be arrogant but I predicted
this, read my previous posts.The Fascicons
think they've got Obama Nominated already,
they couldn't even waituntil the real thing
to start the attacks.It must've killed them
to be so nice to him.But now that they think
they've guaranteed him the nomination its' on!
What was once praised as "Huge enthusiastic
crowds" " A wonderfull speaker" "Full of hope
and inspiration" "Catching,Intoxicating,Uniting"
Is now "A cult","They worship him like a messiah"
"Koresh like","Manson style","Hitler like
speaking abilities".
The"Obama momentum" is now "the Cult of Obama"
Tell me this doesn't smell like a trap baited by
the head rat Karl Rove ?
You see its all to drive moderates and
independants away from Obama.What the Right wing
controlled media says becomes truth.Remember
Al Gore said he "Invented" the Internet? You can't
find that quote because it doesn't exist.The media
made it up, but lies can become truth on T.V.
SoAnn coulter is going back to calling him B.
Hussein Obama-linking him to Saddam and Muslims.
ABC’s Jake Tapper notes the “Helter-Skelter
cultish qualities” of “Obama worshipers,” to
tie him to Manson a mass murderer.
Enthusiastic huge crowds are now "Creepy" not
Joe Klein said "“There was something just a
wee bit creepy about the mass messianism …
[T]he message is becoming dangerously
self-referential. The Obama campaign all
too often is about how wonderful the Obama
campaign is.-He's not so subtley trying to say
Obama thinks he's god.To turn christians away
from supporting Obama.
Will Bunch said "But the real takeaway here
is that passion + politics = cult.
God — the real one — save our political
Again the same "Obama thinks he's God" attack.
L.A. Times columnist Joel Stein is cited,
calling it “Obamaphilia."- Equating Obama
supporters to Pedophiles (yes thats the message
underneath)It's all about smears and tainting
him to those who haven't decided on a
Presidential pick, and they control the media.

I warned you they had a plan ! It's easy to
change one descriptive word like "Support"
to "Cult", "Inspiring" to "Creepy" and turn
support into an attack.
Has Rush started playing "Barrack the magic
negro" again ? Maybe he's got new material.
So whats next? I could see them saying "Obama's
cousin deposits money in a bank in Africa
known to be used by terrorists" ...and in
other news...
Thats it.Thats the attack.No,Its a fifth
cousin by marriage or the Bank is the only
one around or Bank of America...No. No
details..just the attack, the link...the smear.
If Obama wins I hope he can fight Mccain,
The Fascicons and the Media all at the same
time, I know the Clintons have before.


Tom Hanna said...

Al Gore actually claimed that he "created" the internet during a 2000 interview with Wolf Blitzer. Regardless of the exact word he used, he didn't create, invent or otherwise cause the internet to come into being.

"During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

Wally Banners said...

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BoBo said...

Hmmm. Not sure what to say here. You must be so far left that you are out of the main stream if you think the mainstream media is right-winged! There was a Columbia University and an Ohio State University study conducted that conclusively proved that the main stream media is in fact left-winged biased. Obama imploded on himself. You can't really blame anybody else for that. Also, agreeing with Tom Hanna might want to do a little more research before you post things that are not factual. Al Gore did indeed say he created the Internet. Also, it was your left-winged biased media that propped Obama up so high that he was bound to fall. I wouldn't want a racist as our President, and that is exactly what he is. I have the entire uncut audio of his Reverend's sermon up on my blog. There is no way that Obama went 20 years in his church and never heard this stuff before.

Jill L. said...

It's not arrogant for you to say "I told you so," it's pathetic. Obama being attacked in the way you describe(d) was undeniably obvious. Next time you 'predict' something, try expanding your mind beyond "I think the sun will come out tomorrow." What a joke.

Editor said...

Lighten up will ya. You Obamamaniac as well as Barry himself ought to grow a thicker skin. He's in politics remember, dah! Of course he's going to get "attacked" every politician is. By the way read some attacks here

JollyRoger said...

tom, like other wingtards, knows there was more to that quote, but since ANY truth is inconvienient to the Chimpleton Klanservatives, you'll never get him to admit it.

What a bunch of mindless, passive children they are.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore went from inventing the internet to inventing global warming. The internet is real, global warming isn't. He made nothing inventing the internet. He's making a ton of money with the global warming hoax. He's such a phoney! And to think this guy was almost our president. Egad! But we've got bigger worries now. It's called Eco-Tyranny! It's all about control over you, and your life, and nothing to do with saving the environment. Wake up!

Wally Banners said...

George Bush has hurt the United States of America more than Osama Bin Laden ever did. From his Failure to Avenge America from 9/11 to his incompetence in New Orleans. Now our Economy is back to the Great Depression Era. The GOP shoves some senile lifetime Senator in front of the Public and demands that we trust it. GOP can't win wars, GOP can't handle the Economy,GOP doesn't care about the People. GOP = American Al Qaeda.

John Talloes said...

To say that Bush did more harm to America then the terrorist of 9/11 is beyond the pale, in fact a disgrace.
It just goes to show how political difference morphs into outright hate.