Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How do Republicans plan to destroy Obama ?

Obama is clearly
the candidate the
Republicans want
to run against.the
media bias against
Hillary is clear
I one them say
just last night "If hillary wins by a narrow
margin she'll try to spin it as a win. " What the
hell ? So if Hillary wins she'll "spin it", a code
word for lie, and call it a win ? In their mind
calling a win ,a win is a lie ? they don't even
make sense in their rabid zeal to attack her.

So do you think Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter,Rush
Limbaugh,etc. got nice all of a sudden ? Think
about all these nice things theyv'e said about
Obama ,all the favorable coverage of him. Do
You really think Hannity or Rush Or Chris Mathews
will still have nice things to say about him in a
general election ? Think they'll cross over and
vote for him ? No they won't.So why are they
pushing so hard for Obama ?
Republicans haven't started to, all of a sudden,
want to lose Presidential elections,they've got a
plan and you can bet Karl Rove is involved.Have you
ever heard The Fascicons say anything nice about a
Democrat espescially a Liberal one ? They only like
and say nice things about Phony Democrats like
Liebermann and Zell Miller who do what the
Republicans want.Remember these are the same people
who called a little girl (Chelsea Clinton) a dog
on national T.V. just to hurt her parents.

Now I like Obama and I would rather have someone
in the more Liberal than Hillary in the Whitehouse,
but If the Republicans want to run against Obama
that scares me. They say they want Hillary but its
obviously a lie.I think they will bring out the
race card to rally their Racsist base. They will
attack him on inexperience and call his call for
change naive,unrealistic,without substance or
dangerous for America.I predicted what they would
do before.If Obama wins watch and see.

The Republicans have declared an all out war
against the Democrats.They've taken ownership of
most of the media and never play nice.The Clintons
Realize this and have successfully fought them
and won everytime, this makes me feel safe with
supporting Hillary.
I think Obama's message of uniting America is nice
but very naive (hopefully its just talk).Because
we've all seen what happens when Democrats try to
be nice and "reach out in bipartisanship to
Republicans".Remember the famous "trashing of
the white house" by the Clintons ? It was a lie.
The Republicans had just taken office and look
at what they were willing to say just to attack
the clintons one last time.You can't trust
Republicans, if they are being nice to Obama be
scared and ask yourself why ?

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I think the longer Hillary competes with Obama (or vice-versa) the worse for the Democratic party.

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