Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Reich wing Republicans are still on the march.

I came across this
story of how Wikipedia
(A wonderfull project)
is now being subverted
by the Neocon/Fascicon
American Al-Quaeda.The
thing that struck me is
I had already had a run
in with them at wikipedia.I had tried to start a
page for Clinton Derangement Syndrome, since
they had a page for the made up Bush Derangement
Syndrome I figured there was certainly enough
evidence of right wing Derangement over the
Clintons.Media Bias, Lies, false accusations of
rape (Juanita Broderick)and murder(Vince foster)
and a hugely expensive Independant Investigation
based on rumors that ended up finding no illegal
activity in the White House.Clinton was brought
up for Impeachment for Infidelity by the
Republicans, many of whom (Newt Gingrich)admitted
later they were having affairs at the time they
were voting for Impeachment,typical hypocrisy for
Republicans though.
So Im trying to write the entry for wikipedia and
it gets deleted immediately with a lame excuse I
can't remember exactly-something about content.
So then comes this story of "guardian" editors at
wikipedia making sure Bush's entry is all good
things about Bush and Bill Clintons page contains
every rumor or gossip that can make him look bad.
Reagan's page is pretty flattering to him
we come back to the Conspiracy (true)of Neocons
trying to take over the country by taking over
media (Its litterally one of the first steps in
a new Dictators agenda).Look at our media today
80-90% controlled by Republicans and the only
true free media left is the Internet (they can't
control it yet,but they are trying).When 527's
like Move got passed the media roadblock
put up on T.V. and Radio and actually had an
effect on the elections,Republicans were furious!
They didn't expect the Internet could overide the
Billions they spent to control the Media (News Corp.
lost $500 million on Fox news the first 5 yrs. most
would've quit, but it was about control,not making
money).The Republicans promptly called for Internet
based political sites to be made illegal..

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Patricia Lanchester said...

Hey! Thanx for posting some real messages. And don't be discouraged by those who don't agree with your thoughts on Obama. If there weren't any negative thoughts about the man then the country would be in much better shape.