Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Propaganda never stops.

Im watching c-span
live and they are
covering Hillary's
Hgue speech in L.A.
The Mayor of L.A.
and Oakland and
Congresswoman Maxine
Waters are all Endorsing her.They represent
a constituent area of around 17 million people,
thats huge thats bigger than the population of
all of New England ! Is Fox Faux news even
mentioning it ? How about CNN ? Nope. CNN has
Mccain and fow is pushing Obama, They've
mentioned his endorsements twice but not
Hillary's huge endorsements in California
the biggest state in the Union.Agree or disagree
with Hillary or my Politics, this goes beyond
that.The consolidation and control of the
media by a few has produced Soviet/Iranian/
North Korean type media in America.Where they
feel free to lie and propagandize to try to
sway elections and control Government.You can't
deny its Un-American and wrong.I believe I've
Proved the bias clearly.I've use Hillary's
coverage as an example but I could have used
other example and lies (look up my posts about
Hugo Chavez.)
I ask ,Is this OK with you ?
Are you comfortable with Corporate news ?
News for profit ?
Election interference ?
Is it OK for shows to lie to you, your children ?
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